Forever Mommy was created out of Frustration with Baby Stores in the Philippines

Forever Mommy Baby Store

Mae Bueta is the founder & Chief Executive Officer of Forever Mommy.  Mae started Forever Mommy after frustrations with baby stores in the Philippines.

Mae was so excited to have her first baby and could not help but prepare herself by buying baby supplies. When she requested a push cart in a store, the attendants refused and gave her the gold fish look while standing around. This was a store in Big Brand Shopping Centre in Makati. At the same time, not being able to find items she needed for her baby like certain baby bottles.  Mae had enough and opened Forever Mommy to give all mothers, fathers and families the respect they should be getting.  Mae also noticed a number of items in Big Retail Stores that did not come with safety standards of any type.

All items in the Forever Mommy selection have been tested by team members and are directly coming from a supplier, either in the Philippines or from the country of origin.  Unfortunately, many items especially creams and lotions in the Philippines are not from authentic suppliers. We have personally spotted these items in stores in the Philippines.  As a parent, babies are sensitive to the products you use on them.  Mae’s son has skin sensitivities to washing detergent and creams.  Using a baby cream supplier that is not authentic could really create a lot of issues and problems. Worse case scenario is you could end up in an emergency in a hospital.

Mae Bueta stablished an idea that everyone in the company needs to follow.  It is simple in its idea, yet makes a big impact on how Forever Mommy baby store is run and the suppliers we align ourselves with.   The idea is

“If I would not use that product on my baby,
I will not stock it for other mothers to use it on their babies.”

This idea has had the buyers decline items and not stock certain brands.  At Forever Mommy, the suppliers are sourced from all over the world.  China especially has a bad reputation for good reason, yet when it is made and sourced from a prominent company that has quality standards it is completely acceptable.  It is dangerous when it is a no name brand with no quality standards.  Similar to buying street food, you do so at your own risk especially in the Philippines.   We wanted to make sure that all our items are held to a standard.  That standard is simple, would we use that item on our own child – ‘Yes’ we stock it, ‘No’ We don’t stock it.  A simple idea with an amazing impact.

About Mae Bueta 

Mae Bueta is a Certified Public Accountant that’s been in the corporate industry for 6 years. Mae has worked in big companies such as ABS-CBN and Xerox. Mae is currently the CFO of Lobo Digital Solutions Inc. and CEO and Founder of Forever Mommy.

A mother of a twenty-month old baby, but still a part-time runway model. Mae enjoys playing volleyball on her free time and relaxes by watching movies with her family. Mae is also an avid animal lover with four adopted street cats, picked up from the streets of Manila.

As CEO of Forever Mommy, Mae oversees buying the lines that will be sold on Mae also has responsibilities in Accounting, Human Resource Management, International Relationships and various other positions you expect from a Start-Up CEO.

Mae believes that if she cannot use a product on her baby, she will not sell it.


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