Baby Clothes: The Newborn Checklist Series

With so many baby products in the market, we tend to get too excited which results to buying almost everything, thinking we need all these because we want what’s best for our babies. But which baby products are really essential on the first year? I will be having my blog series for the things you’ll be needing to help you get through with baby shopping. The first on my lists are baby clothes.

  • Onesies (6-8 pcs, mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve): These are basically jammies appropriate for sleeping and playing. Babies nap so frequently especially during the first months which make these super convenient.IMG_0685
  • Shirts (5-7 pcs): T-shirts and turtlenecks with plenty of room in the neck or snaps on the neck so they could fit over your baby’s head easily. You can also choose the ones that goes over the tummy and diaper and snap at the crotch.2016-03-11_15-44-19
  • Leggings or pull-on pants (5-7 pcs): This will allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit. Look for stretchy waistbands that fit easily over your baby’s diaper and belly and in addition, it expands as your baby gains weight. IMG_0578
  • Singlets (5 pcs): This is an important item especially with the hot weather in the Philippines.IMG_0221
  • Outer layers (5 pcs): sweaters and sweatshirts that zip up are easy to put on and take off. Buy larger sizes with loose armholes and hood because it will just be easy to slip it over your baby’s head when it gets chilly. Avoid clothing that has dangling strings, tassels and ribbons because these are choking hazards.2016-03-11_15-45-28
  • Receiving Blankets (3 pcs): The best receiving blankets are those made with 100% cotton. This is very comforting for your little one and it keeps him/her warm.St.-Patrick-Hooded-Blanket-Pink-W
  • Beanie (5-7 pcs): It is important to cover a newborn baby’s head. Babies feel colder faster than adults feel because they have low percentage of body fat. Beanie will keep your baby warm.2016-03-11_15-39-23
  • Mittens (5-7 pcs): This is to keep baby from scratching his/her face.IMG_0782
  • Infant’s Binder (5-7 pcs): This is used to help relieve colic in infants and gives comfort and relieve gas, calming the baby. It also keeps the diaper from rubbing against the umbilical stump, thereby reducing irritation. It keeps the umbilical stump dry after cleaning and protects it from urination. This helps reduce the chance of infection. 2016-03-11_16-05-37
  • Socks: You’ll be needing a lot of these indoors and even when you go outside.2016-03-11_15-41-47
  • Shoes: You don’t need to buy a real and hard-sole shoes during your baby’s first year. Some doctors recommend waiting until your child is strong enough to walk because this might hinder with development.IMG_0725


Mae Bueta, CEO

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