Feeding: Newborn Checklist Series

Feeding: The Newborn Checklist Series

Breast milk is ideal for babies – with rare exceptions. Some mother’s can’t produce enough breast milk so they use infant formula. So for feeding needs of your baby, it’s either you can go breastfeeding or bottle and formula feeding.

Having a checklist for your baby feeding needs is important so you can organize all your shopping needs. Weather you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, our list will help you pick everything you need.

Bottle & Formula Feeding

When using formula milk to feed your baby, it is important that you prepare it the safest way possible. Tins and packets of milk powder are not sterile even when sealed and can contain harmful bacteria, which, if the feed is prepared incorrectly can cause infections that can be threatening.

Here’s the list of what you need for formula feeding:

  1. Bottles (4-6 pieces). It is a good idea to always keep 4-6 bottles on hand so you have always got a clean one ready. Four ounce bottles are for your newborn, then you can transition to nine ounce as their feeding appetite grows at around 3 months.
  2. Newborn Teats (4-6 pieces). You should have extra teats on hand in case they rip or go missing. There are different variety of materials, styles and liquid flow speeds of teats. you may need to experiment to see what your baby prefers.
  3. Baby Formula. A must have since you will not be using breast milk. You should check with your baby’s pediatrician to see which type of formula will be best for your baby.
  4. Bottle and nipple brush. This is essential to make sure baby’s bottles are clean properly.
  5. Bottle sterilizer
  6. Cotton bibs,
  7. Burp clothes (6 pieces)
  8. Thermal Bottle Carrier/Bottle Warmer
  9. Pacifier (3-5 pieces)
  10. Bottle Drying Rack


it is nice to have nursing/feeding pillow, a specially designed pillow to support your baby and also to avoid straining on your shoulders and neck during feeding sessions. Also they can be very helpful in keeping your baby in position as compared to regular pillows.

You’ll be needing an ointment which you can ask from your doctor to help relieve sore nipples. Hot and cold gel packs that can fit inside your bra can also help subdue swollen and sore breasts. Expect that your breasts will leak which is why breast pads (reusable or disposable) and breast pump along with milk storage containers can be of vital use.

Cotton Nursing Bras

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