Forever Mommy Batch 3 Cute Baby Photo Contest Winners

Learning their feeling upon knowing that they won the competition, getting to know their babies and their characteristics and their reaction upon seeing their prizes.

Grand Prize Winner: Karylle Francesca Venzon

Francesca’s mommy, Imelda, learned about the result of the competition from her best friend. She cried instantly out of joy and thanked God a thousand times in Italian saying,” Grazie Mille”. She even said that she exerted all possible efforts for her precious child.

Mommy Imelda shared that living in Italy does not guarantee you to be held by the Pope but Francesca is one of the lucky and blessed ones. Aside from being beautiful, she is very kind, intelligent and bright.

Since they are in Rome, Francesca haven’t seen her prizes yet but for sure she’ll be very happy and grateful.


First Runner Up: Isabelle Margareth Cruz-Bona

Being her first time to join this kind of competition and with all the sabotage issue, winning seemed very impossible already. The whole family never thought Isabelle will make it even to the top 10, but when the winners were announced and Isabelle was hailed first runner up, they became so emotional, surprised and very happy. At last all the massive effort paid off.

Isabelle Margareth or Isabelle is a very sweet, loving and a darling to everyone. At her young age, she develops good rapport with other kids as she plays around with them. Never did she’s encountered being hurtful to other kids. She loves to solve puzzle games and she’s knows how to act in front of the mirror. It isn’t surprising if she’ll be an actress someday. She’s very independent and knows how to eat by herself. Not to mention she never fail to say her grace before meal as what the whole family does.

“We just tried joining this competition to feel and understand how does online popularity contests works. Prize was just secondary since we live overseas and we thought of donating the prize to Forever Mommy’s Charity to help with less fortunate kids. We love helping as we know how it was to have nothing. We are just lucky that thru dedication, passion, hard work and faith in God we were able to reach where we are now. As a family poverty inspired us to strive for more and reach out goal,” mommy Jerica said.

Second Runner Up: Zaina Athena Pantinople Araneta

After numerous efforts to get more information about our second runner up, we failed to get any response from her guardian.

In behalf of the whole community, we wish her and her family well. Hopefully someday we’ll hear from them and get their comments and reactions about the whole contest experience and their prizes as well.

Third Runner Up: Athena Arabella Clemente

After learning about placing third in the contest, both Mommy Krza and Baby Athena were happy. Mommy said, “So happy to be part of Forever Mommy and blessed with her coming TV Commercial for Johnsons & Johnson.”

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