Getting To Know Forever Mommy’s Cute Baby Photo Contest Batch 4 Winners

We asked the Mommies of the winners about their dream for their babies, aside from the bragging rights and prize what did they gained from joining the contest and what is their babies’ best characteristic that they love the most and why. Here are their interesting answers:

Grand Winner: Vien Dangatan Pas-iwen of Baguio City

Mommy of our Grand Winner Vien wants her baby to finish her studies and become a God-fearing individual. She also shared that joining the contest made her become more close to her relatives and family, she became friends with the other mommies thru the internet, finding them proud of their babies as well. She’s also proud to say that she learned about two-way trust from joining the contest. She described Vien as naughty, very active – to the point of she’s literally “getting into her nerves.” She cannot do any house hold chores while taking care of her. But it’s okay and she loves how she is and she cannot imagine their lives if she’s the opposite. Life must be very boring.

First Runner Up: Maria Angela Aranzaso of Rome, Italy

Angela’s mom wishes her to finish her studies. She did enjoy joining the contest and finds it stress relieving especially during their mini games. Briefly, she described Angela as so “malambing” and “ masayahin”. She makes all her tiredness go away when coming home from work with her hugs and kisses.

Second Runner Up: Athia Phrei Susa Gayo of Rome, Italy

Athia’s Mom said, “Time has flown by and still I keep the same dreams and visions since my baby was born”. She only wants the best for her and wants her to become successful, even more successful than she is and lastly wishing her to have a great career that she truly loves. About the contest, the prize and the title felt amazing. She became more proud of Athia. She would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who liked Athia’s photo, it deeply means a lot that her baby is well loved and appreciated. Also, she would like to thank Forever Mommy for putting up a friendly competition and the experience has always been a pleasure. Describing Athia with so much enthusiasm she shared, Athia is a very independent baby. She does things alone; she eats without my keen assistance and reaches for her toys on her own. She also thinks being independent would make her stronger and abler as she gains knowledge each day. Lastly she believes that being independent would also tend her baby to have a good, healthy, successful and happy life.

Third Runner Up: Johann Railey Eusebio of Bulacan

Johann’s mom dreamed of him to become a pilot since learning about her second pregnancy. She wants him to reach different places all over the world. She cannot fathom the feeling of riding an airplane with Johann as the pilot. Aside from the prize and the title, she finds the whole contest experience memorable; the sleepless nights, constant checking of her son’s standing throughout the contest was all worth it. She felt honored amongst 195 babies; her son is the 3rd runner up. She cannot explain the feeling and she’s extra proud. She finds the whole experience memorable as her son will learn about it when he grows up and she knows he will also be happy about the result. Sharing about Johann’s character, she finds him very sweet at this early stage. Johann always wants to cuddle especially when it’s cold. He cannot even sleep without his dad and his older sister hugging him. They also find him always jealous. She said that upon seeing his sister hugging mommy, Johann instantly comes close to her and pushes his older sister away.

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