Kenri, Mcxine, Lucas and Brienne: Get to Know the Cutest Babies of Batch 5

We asked the mommies of the winners of Forever Mommy Cute Baby Photo Contest the following questions and here are their interesting answers:

  • How did you feel after learning that your child won?
  • Who picked his/her entry photo?
  • How does it feel to be part of the Forever Mommy Photo Competition?
  • What’s next for your child?

Grand Winner: Aeriz Kenri Gabriola

Mommy of our grand winner said that winning the contest is surreal, they didn’t expect to win it all as they were trailing on Facebook likes in the early stages of the contest. They never thought that they would even reach a thousand likes. Getting 4,000 likes for her son was already good enough for her not to win as she didn’t imagine they would get that much attention in Facebook.

It was Kenri’s aunt’s idea to submit the photo. This was taken during his monthly celebration; they actually celebrate his birth date every month with different costumes. His aunt had to take apart one of his grandmother’s dresses just to get his costume right.

“Being a first time mom, the feeling of having a son is indescribable. At the same time being part of Forever Mommy Competition (becoming part of the Forever Mommy family as well) just enhances that feeling because I know that anytime I have any questions or worries about my son, I could just simply post it in the group and I trust that the group would provide me with answers. I hope that you do not take away your Friday games because a lot of momshies here benefits from it, not just for the prizes but also the fun moment it brings to the whole family,” mommy Marrizz said.

Right now, they have no plans of joining any other baby photo contest. This could be the first and last contest they’ll sign him up for. They are very grateful for the fun and excitement Forever Mommy has brought to them and their pretty sure they won’t forget this experience. Currently they are at the early stages of preparation for Kenri’s first birthday party, and they’ll be more than happy to have Forever Mommy join them on his special day!

First Runner Up: Princess Mcxine Brosas

Mommy Janice would like to thank Mommy Analyn Medrano for convincing her to submit her child’s photo and join the Forever Mommy Competition. When she saw the result and Mcxine was in the first place, she was overwhelmed. Mommy Janice is happy and still couldn’t believe that Mcxine won. They felt so blessed that a lot of people helped them and supported them in this journey. They felt the loved from everyone. It was even Mcxine’s daddy that choose the photo that they submitted.

It was a good experience for the family to join the competition. Mommy Janice is happy to be part of the Forever Mommy family. Mcxine instantly got famous again for the second time. The first time was when Pope Francis held her and kissed her. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of Mcxine’s achievements.

Second Runner Up: Lucas Amarii Diaz Juan

Mommy Angela felt proud and blesses after learning the Lucas won. She said, “It was me who picked his entry photo. It wasn’t the original photo I submitted upon registration, but decided to change it after taking his photo eating a biscuit for the first time. One look, and I said, this photo does it!”

It’s a blessing to be part of the Forever Mommy Photo Competition. Mommy Angela learned a lot of things worth treasuring and sharing to Lucas in the future.

The family will be celebrating Lucas’ first birthday and dedicating him to the Lord on March 2 next year. This will also be the first time he’s going to the Philippines so the family is excited and getting ready for that.

Third Runner Up: Rosie Brienne Burrows Navarro

Brienne’s mommy felt very thankful – thankful for the opportunity, thankful for Brienne, thankful for the blessing, thankful for the chance to help someone out there in need, thankful for Forever Mommy, and thankful to all the people who showered Brienne with support. But most of all, she was reminded of what she felt ever since the day Brienne was born, proud.

Mommy Lian has loads of photos of Brienne but she decided she wanted to try and take a new photo of her. So she did and she sat her next to the dolls, since most people say she looks like a doll. And mommy just thought it would be a cute concept, then she showed the photos to a couple of people including her dad and they all decided on one photo: the one with Brienne poking her tongue out cheekily while grabbing on to the dogs nose.

Mommy Lian felt really good about Forever Mommy Competition, especially knowing that it was all for a good cause. Despite the dramas of the batch, the better parts shone through. She had fun and learned a lot. Being able to see all the support and love Rosie got was the cherry on top of the sundae.

Brienne is a very smart little baby with so much character at such a young age. They just want her to continue growing as the amazing little girl that she is. Mommy prays that she grows up with a good heart and hopes that she will have great opportunities and blessings.

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