WARNING: Yaya Abuse

Today I read an article and it really rang alarm bells and made me want to share what we have personally experienced and the way we manage our baby and our lives.

Prior to having a baby, we had an active life. I was a CFO and ramp model, some of you may have already know that.   My husband would drift cars and was a CEO of a BPO.  We had an active social life until we had our little gift. We made some life changes.

Suddenly international travel and going out was not the same.  We made a conscious choice not to leave the baby with a yaya as we heard many horror stories. We decided to only leave the baby with family and with rules.

They say a baby is like a sponge. My husband cannot stand the daily telenovelas, so he made a rule that the daily soap operas are not allowed to be on while my son is in the room.  So we entrusted our family to follow this. On several occasions he made this statement, until one day he relieved a family member from the position and stated to follow the rules.

That night my husband and I agreed that our child is the most important thing we have, we must do what is best for him.  We decided to only entrust certain family members to look after our child and when working in America, we entrust no-one as we have no family here in the US.

Then we read a story like this which literally broke my heart: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3603388/Parents-outraged-court-ruling-says-babysitter-t-prosecuted-injuring-son-leaving-handprint-shaped-bruise-face-t-speak.html

A baby cannot speak for himself and because of this, he could not be a witness to the abuse he received in a court of law.

I quote the news article. “Marbury was referring to a 2012 ruling in the Oregon Court of Appeals which prosecutors say make it harder to file charges in cases of abuse where the victims can’t speak, according to OregonLive.”

So the law protected the abuser and the baby is hurt and may be affected for life. We do not know how abuse affects children.  Either way we urge you to make sure you know who is looking after your baby.

We wanted to share with you what is the price of your child safety. Ours is an active social life and that is okay with me.


Mae Bueta

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